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TV Production FAQ

We have a cable triax/BNC box at the truck dock. You may have some 200’ cable runs for your talent/slash angles.

We also ask for an SD/SDI production feed from the truck for our in-house TV's. PLEASE!

Audio will need to fly their cable via J-hooks on the wall.

200 feet from truck to normal slash angle. The floor on track level has a hole cut to the arena floor level to avoid running cabling into the seats.

High shot is at 221. We provide a 25-foot triax drops at this TV platform ONLY.

In front or to the right (passenger side) of your production truck.

HDSDI 720p59.94 program feed and a beauty shot if possible.

No, It’s a designated truck/loading area.

Your choice, truck should back in to stay level. We need to leave room for an ambulance on the left (driver's) side of the truck.

Under Section 101 (elephant tunnel to truck dock).

We have 2- 200 amp 3 phase in boxes outside. We also have onsite electrician for hookup. Grounds and Neutral are both MALE on our end. Please provide turn arounds and correct gauge cable (2/0) to handle 200 amps. Electricians can be contacted for more details.

50 feet

We provide up to 7 dry pairs of "analog" (digitally converted) phone service.

All numbers begin with 704-687-XXXX. All lines are active for long-distance calls.

Numbers in truck dock area:
 X-0918, X-5364, X-5365, X-5325, X-0931, X-0932, X-0933

For Internet, we will need the MAC address of the truck router one week prior to arriving on campus.


Seating charts for Halton Arena.

Athletics Media Relations schedules all the hands, TOC, and STATS.

Yes, we use it In-house.

Yes, Athletics Media Relations will provide on game day.

Home is in front of 105. Guest is in front of 103

You should bring stools for talent and rolling chairs for camera operations.

We use the All Sport 5000 for scoring. We provide a RS232 feed and signal convertor to the truck for the bug feed.

For technical power, daktronics, and video:
Karl Williams:, 704-687-1070

Game operations, game script, and official's names:

Men's Basketball: Joey Morstein Phone: 704-687-6078
Women's Basketball Andrea Davis

Athletic media relations, media guides, credentials, and STATS:
Men's basketball: Dom Palumbo: 704-687-1021, 704-687-4918 (fax),
Women's basketball: Sean Fox: 704-687-1023, 704-687-4918 (fax),

Chartwell's Catering: Phone: 704-687-0690
Catering Information


Truck / Uplink Parking Near Barnhardt Student Activity Center

UNC Charlotte 9201 University City Blvd. Charlotte NC 28223

Directions via Google:

From I-85 N

  1. North on I-85
  2. Merge onto US-29 BYP N toward NC-49/US-29 EXIT 42
  3. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto US-29 N/NC-49 N/N Tryon St. Continue to follow NC-49 N
  4. Turn LEFT onto Cameron Blvd (you are now on campus). Continue straight about .5 miles
  5. Go Past the Belk Track on your LEFT and West Parking Deck on your RIGHT,
  6. Look for Green sign on right labeled "BARNHARDT CENTER/HALTON ARENA" 
  7. Turn RIGHT. Continue straight up to the Loading Dock Area.

From I-85 S

  1. South on I-85 2. Merge onto I-485 S via Exit 48 toward US-29
  2. Take the NC-49 exit - Exit 33
  3. Turn RIGHT onto NC-49 S/University City Blvd
  4. Turn RIGHT onto Cameron Blvd (you are now on campus)
  5. Continue straight about .5 miles
  6. Go Past the Belk Track on your LEFT and West Parking Deck on your RIGHT. Look for Green sign on right labeled "BARNHARDT CENTER/HALTON ARENA"
  7. Turn RIGHT. Continue straight up to the Loading Dock Area.

To gain entry to the building, call 704-687-1101 and the building manager will answer.